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Window Film :

  • Sundial Window Tinting with 52 combined years of can count on great looks, comfort, durability, safety and its guaranteed!

  • Whether you want light, medium or dark, Scotchtint means that your window tint is guaranteed against bubbles, peeling or blisters.

  • Your car may look cool in the sun, but is it cool inside? comfort inside by rejecting heat while your car is parked in the sun.

  • Keeping glass in place during an accident is just the first way that 3M Scotchtint keeps you safe. 3M Scotchtint also helps deter thieves or a car jacking by keeping thieves and vandals from getting a clear view of the valuables in your vehicle.

  • Backed by Sundial Window Tinting and 3M, you can feel safe knowing you have the best, for life.
  • Windshield Films :

  • Cosmetic Appearance: One of the least expensive and most dramatic change to the appearance of your vehicles is the addition of window tint.

  • Interior Heat: Our glass film shields wood floors, woven rugs and plush carpeting from solar energy that causes premature deterioration and color loss.

  • Interior Fabrics: By controlling visible and ultraviolet light plus solar heat transmissions, glass tint offers significant protection from fabric fading and discoloration.

  • Interior Trim: Window Film helps protect your valuable investments. Don’t let them lose their luster from sun exposure.