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Genuine Car Accessories
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Central Locking System :


Genuine group with an experience of 2 1/2 decade in CAR ACCESSORIES started the business of Genuine car accessories in September 2007. The Basic aim of starting this business is to create a genuine customers base by offering quality car accessories at a very competetive pricing as we beleive in the 3 type principle (MANUFACTURER > GENUINE CAR ACCESSORIES > END USER). We do not entertain or offer our customers with discounts, buy one get one free, offers.. But only offer them genuine qualitied car accessories at genuine prices. No duplication. No Grey Market Products. No Lookalikes are offered here at our showroom..

Contact me : -

044 - 64602531
044 - 45502253
+91 - 99406 61168

Manufacturer ( Distributor ) = > Genuine Car Accessories = > End User
We Offer
No Discount / No Buy one Get one Free / Only Genuine
Warrented Products at Reasonable Prices

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